SaaS Half Full Team

Episode 102: Debunking ABM Myths with Latane Conant

Account-based marketing (ABM) has taken the marketing world by storm. There are now plenty of ABM solutions and products promising to boost your company’s leads and develop a solid account-based strategy. Latane Conant is calling BS on them. Latane is the CMO at San Francisco-based 6sense, one of the fastest-growing account-based marketing platforms on the market. On…

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Episode 101: Achieve Board Nirvana with Carilu Dietrich

CMOs: How did your last board meeting go? If your board members lost focus halfway through your presentation, then it’s time to consider a new direction. That’s what Carilu Dietrich, a CMO coach and consultant with a wealth of experience as a 20-year marketing executive at B2B SaaS companies, can offer. On the first-ever episode…

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