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Lindsey Groepper


SaaS Half Full host/bartender Lindsey Groepper has more than 15 years of experience in PR, including roles at BLASTmedia — the only PR agency dedicated to SaaS — and at global PR agency FleishmanHillard Chicago. As president of BLASTmedia, Lindsey is responsible for new business development and helping oversee the strategic direction and operations of the agency. 

During Lindsey’s time at BLASTmedia, she has executed media relations campaigns, managed account teams and client relationships, and brought key B2B clients on board for the agency ranging from well-funded SaaS start-ups to publicly-traded powerhouses. Lindsey is also a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council and is both a featured speaker and media contributor to Forbes, Inc. and MarketingProfs.

Lindsey brings her extensive knowledge and practice in SaaS PR and marketing to the SaaS Half Full podcast. In every episode, Lindsey will invite a top SaaS marketing leader for a conversation over drinks. They’ll sip on their favorite cocktails while discussing the latest marketing topics and trends and answering important questions about SaaS marketing strategy.

“What I’ve found is that creating a successful strategy for SaaS is a lot like mixing the perfect cocktail,” says Lindsey. “What are the right ingredients? How do you mix it all together to ensure people order another round?”

After drinks, you’ll get actionable tips and ideas for enhancing your SaaS marketing strategy and plan. Lindsey will make sure you’ll walk away after each episode with at least one thing that sticks.

SaaS Half Full is developed and produced by BLASTmedia, the only PR agency dedicated to SaaS.


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