The Most-Downloaded SaaS Half Full Episodes of 2020

In this bonus episode of SaaS Half Full, host Lindsey Groepper looks back at the best of SaaS Half Full. It might seem like ages ago, but every episode of SaaS Half Full was actually released in 2020. With nearly three seasons wrapped, Lindsey shares fresh takeaways on the top five SaaS Half Full episodes of 2020 based on downloads. Here’s a look at episodes covered: 

Treat Your Partners How You’d Like to be Treated with Cody Jones of Zapier

In this episode of SaaS Half Full, Lindsey talks to Cody Jones, Head of Partnerships at Zapier.

Cody shares something that may shock many B2B SaaS companies — there is no sales team at Zapier. So how have they driven their rapid growth? How do they fuel conversations and drive conversions? 

Listen as Cody explains how partnerships and a “two marshmallow mentality” supplanted the usual sales cycle at Zapier. You’ll also learn how Zapier uses nontraditional approaches to help build long-term partnerships and how marketers can think more holistically about partner success.

When “Digital-First” Became “Digital-Only” with Ceros’ Simon Berg 

In this episode of SaaS Half Full, Lindsey talk with Simon Berg, CEO of Ceros, an experiential content creation platform.

Marketers are now contending with a digital-only world, where your online presence is your only presence – and highlighting cracks in companies’ content experiences. From who actually owns it to how it’s measured and evaluated, marketers suddenly face tough questions. How can they better command content experiences while also ensuring they talk with customers rather than at them?

Listen as Simon explains how marketers can inject more creativity into digital-only experiences to make it meaningful and how practitioners and CMOs must align their values and emotions to succeed online.

Nailing Your Board Presentation with Carilu Dietrich

In the very first episode of SaaS Half Full, the only show serving B2B SaaS marketers, Lindsey is joined by Carilu Dietrich, a CMO coach and consultant with a wealth of experience as a 20-year Marketing Executive at B2B SaaS companies.

Carilu has a very specific approach to board presentations. Spoiler alert: Her number of slides will make you gasp. 

What are the challenges to making this kind of change in our organizations? And what stops us from rocking the boat a bit in these situations? Listen in as Carilu shares some of the challenges facing B2B SaaS CMOs today.

How CMOs Should Approach a New CEO Hire with Acoustic’s Norman Guadagno

In this episode of SaaS Half Full, Lindsey chats with Norman Guadagno, CMO at Acoustic, an independent marketing cloud platform.

In the midst of the pandemic’s disruptions to SaaS marketing, a new CEO joined Acoustic, bringing to Norman the opportunity to efficiently communicate his marketing team’s goals and his personal views as CMO. 

Listen as Norman shares his perspective on how marketing executives should navigate the first 30 days with a new CEO and how to approach marketing when your views on the topic differ.

Your Content to Fuel the Customer Journey with Cassandra Jowett

In this episode of SaaS Half Full, Lindsey talks with Cassandra Jowett, Senior Director of Marketing at PathFactory. 

Many B2B marketers’ worst fear is no one ever realizing their content exists. They spend a ton of resources creating content, but most of it sits dormant or hides behind a form. How can marketers more effectively activate content in the customer journey? 

Listen as Cassandra shares how you can work with customer-facing teams to maximize your content efforts. She also weighs in on the forms vs. no-forms debate and how to remove friction from the content journey.

Get Lindsey’s takeaways on some of the best episodes of the year, listen to this bonus episode of SaaS Half Full.