SaaS Sales

Episode 104: Treat Your Partners How You’d Like to be Treated with Cody Jones of Zapier

B2B SaaS folks: can you imagine a SaaS company with no sales team? Can you also imagine that company growing explosively and hosting thousands of partners in its ecosystem? As incredible as it may seem, Zapier is just such a company. In this episode of SaaS Half Full, Cody Jones, Head of Partnerships at Zapier,…

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Episode 102: Debunking ABM Myths with Latane Conant

Account-based marketing (ABM) has taken the marketing world by storm. There are now plenty of ABM solutions and products promising to boost your company’s leads and develop a solid account-based strategy. Latane Conant is calling BS on them. Latane is the CMO at San Francisco-based 6sense, one of the fastest-growing account-based marketing platforms on the market. On…

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