B2B Customer Journey

Episode 105: Using Content to Fuel the B2B Customer Journey with Cassandra Jowett

As a B2B marketer, does the prospect of nobody ever looking at your content keep you up at night? You work hard and plan what should be the greatest content calendar in history — and you get nothing in return. How can we put these fears to rest and get some sleep? Cassandra Jowett, Senior…

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Episode 102: Debunking ABM Myths with Latane Conant

Account-based marketing (ABM) has taken the marketing world by storm. There are now plenty of ABM solutions and products promising to boost your company’s leads and develop a solid account-based strategy. Latane Conant is calling BS on them. Latane is the CMO at San Francisco-based 6sense, one of the fastest-growing account-based marketing platforms on the market. On…

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